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Mention the word Blockchain and most people think Bitcoin. What most people don't know, is Bitcoin is a product from a Blockchain platform and that Blockchain platforms are ledger platforms that can be used for many different applications. Such as, secured financial, supply chain, data information, identity and much more.

So where does Sidechain fit into all this? Simple, we have built a scalable application called "Sidechain" that runs parallel to the Phaeton Blockchain Mainchain allowing enterprises and projects to create an independent Sidechain that is owned by the organisation.
6 Reasons to Choose Sidechain
Independent Sidechain
You own the Sidechain application, not us. Simple as that. You're in control of your Sidechain; access, nodes, data.
Sidechain Security
The more nodes you host the more secure your Sidechain application is protected.
Sidechain for Enterprises
Your Sidechain application is your ledger, designed to be used in any industry; financial and non-financial.
Benefit of Sidechain
Accessible by any type of organisation, enterprise, SMEs and community projects, cost effective and transparent.
Sidechain Scalability
Your Sidechain application can be scalable to add further Sidechain applications off your network.
Sidechain Efficiency
Sidechain application is designed to operate on more efficient process reducing lag in the mainchain.
Projects using Sidechain
Deploying a Sidechain applications, designed to clients specification and contributing to the Phaeton Blockchain ecosystem.
Carbon Reduction Tokenisation
Phaeton is engaged to deploy a independent Sidechain application off the Phaeton Blockchain, to create a Carbon Credit (Stable) Token to invest into pastoral land where the Australian Government pays landowners Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs).
REACH Wellness
Reach Wellness is an Australian Not-for-profit entity providing mental health support for 􏰈1st Responders 􏰐RSL, Police, Nurses, Paramedics, Fire-fighters and more􏰑. Grants and donations are recorded on the Sidechain ledger for all to see creating transparency.
Qoyne Affordable Housing
Build and deploy a Sidechain and Mobile Applications providing a gateway for the low to middle income earners to enter the property market by issuing reward tokens when rent is paid.
Qoyne Real Estate Portfolio
A Sidechain application with a token backed by assets to create a stable token called QRE Tokens. The company is focused on rental income and capital growth through purchases of commercial property.
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