Empowering start-ups to rise
and take the challenge to make an impact.
Incubator Platform
The tool to empower SMEs to use Blockchain and Sidechain technology to bring an idea to life or simply to increase the market share.
As an incubator, we focus on helping Social Impact businesses who have conceived innovated ideas that require blockchain guidance during their initial stages until they can sustain themselves in the market.
What are the benefits?
New start-ups are created every minute.
This creates an excellent opportunity for Phaeton to provide Blockchain tools for start-up to tap a wider market and seed capital to get the project in motion.

Our selection process is strict to ensure each start-up project has a social impact that will improve and disrupt a current problem.
How do we assist?
Besides assisting start-ups and business with our proven technology, we can provide support in the form of:
As we are located within a PropTech Hub in the Perth CBD, Western Australia, we can offer office workspaces with supporting services.
Working under one roof, enterprises can connect with other entrepreneurs working in the same industry, which helps them gain insights to improve their product
Advisory Services
Through our network, these include financial and accounting, legal, corporate, and intellectual property protection so that entrepreneurs can make well-informed decisions.
Venture capitalist and angel investors are attracted to investing in new ideas. We have conference facilities where entrepreneurs can pitch their ideas to these potential investors.
Seed Capital
New start-ups are always in need of seed capital to fund the initial stages of their business. The money is required for a business plan and pitching the idea and developing the concept.
R&D Grants
The incubator will assist entrepreneurial businesses with their application of Research and Development Government grants.
The incubator will provide training from market experts on how to develop and implement ideas. Mentors will be provided to monitor the entrepreneur and guide them to improve their reach and target market.
The incubator will provide training from market experts on how to develop and implement ideas.
Our mission to support start-ups making an impact that is sustainable and makes a difference.
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Let's schedule a catch up over a coffee, beer or online to discover how we can help you.

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