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Our mission is to deliver smart Blockchain Technology that have a Social Impact that is lasting.

At Phaeton Technology, we offer bespoke Blockchain solutions for our customers to transform and accelerate their organisation.
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Blockchain Simplified
You (a 'node') have a file of transaction on your computer (a 'ledger'). Two accountants (let's call them miners) have the same file on theirs (so it's distributed). As you make the transaction, your computer sends an email to each accountant to inform.

Each accountant rushes to be the first to check whether you can afford it (and be paid their salary "Bitcoins"). The first to check and validate hits "Reply All"; attaching their logic for verifying the transaction ("proof of work"). If the other accountant agrees, everyone updates their file.

This concept enabled by "Blockchain" technology.
Why Use Blockchain?
Blockchain establishes transparency through recording all transaction, whether it's financial or non-financial in real time. The information cannot be changed.
Blockchain is designed to remove the requirement of 3rd-party intermediaries to verify each transaction creating efficiency and cost reductions in real time.
Blockchain provides enhanced layer of security for enterprises, decreasing the chance of tampering and manipulation of transaction records and hacking of information.
Blockchain technology creates a layer of trust between parties when it comes to transaction and record history. It adds an unprecedented layer of accountability.
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